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Welcome to the Future of Healthcare: Introducing Greenway Clinical Assist™

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Introducing Greenway Clinical Assist, our innovative ambient documentation solution elevates the patient-provider experience with the power of AI. 

Why Choose an Ambient Documentation Assistant?

  • Efficiency: Save up to 2 hours per provider, per day, by automating clinical note-generation
  • Quality: Ensure accurate and comprehensive clinical notes with AI-powered documentation 
  • Connection: Foster stronger patient-provider relationships by focusing more on patient care and less on paperwork
  • Customization: Personalize the assistant to your preferences, including structure, narration, and content order

Are you tired of spending endless hours on clinical notetaking, leaving less time for what matters most—your patients?

Record patient conversations effortlessly 


Watch as AI transforms speech into structured clinical notes in seconds


Spend more time providing quality care to your patients


Experience the benefits of Greenway Clinical Assist:

Your ambient documentation solution

Regain efficiency in care delivery today!

With our ambient documentation solution, you can reduce burnout and deliver meaningful patient interactions. Greenway Clinical Assist is your partner in transforming healthcare documentation for a brighter, more efficient future.

Are you ready to explore the Greenway Clinical Assist advantage?

Join us for our FINAL group demonstration event from this series, this Friday, May 17th at a new convenient time of 12 pm ET.

Secure your spot now and be part
of the experience! 

Take advantage of our introductory pricing: $125 per provider per month 



Please be sure to review the applicable workflow guides in the Greenway Regulatory Resource Hub for programs you participate in.